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We include 1 Bridal Preview with all of our Bridal Hair & Makeup Packages.

Bridal Previews are very highly encouraged.

Bridal Previews take place at our quaint Home Trial Studio in Prince Frederick, MD.

Available Days, times & exact address will be shared with you closer to your date.

We schedule Previews about 1-3 months out from your Wedding Day.


Typically, we cannot schedule Bridal trials what so ever on Saturday's (& some Sunday's), due to conflicting weddings.

Saturday's & Sunday's are typically a very busy time for us & we prefer to focus our

100% attention on our Brides/Weddings on those days! 

Typically Trials are offered on coordinated days with your unique artist + stylist, during the week & periodic Sunday's.


We prefer to perform Bridal Previews 1-2 months prior to the Wedding Day, as we will have the best idea of what your actual style, skin tone, face shape, hair length and other features will be like on the actual Wedding Day. Also, this way everything will be fresh in our minds for your Wedding Day.

Due to COVID-19 concerns & situations, we do please ask that you present to your bridal preview alone.

We do also require that you wear a face mask upon entering our home studio.

Thank you so very much for your understanding. We appreciate you.


preview day:

This is your time to get to know & connect with your Stylist & Artist to create that perfect Wedding day look,

that you have always dreamed of for yourself.

Please be sure to voice any ideas or concerns that you may have, it will help us to better understand & create

the exact look that you are envisioning for yourself! We are obsessed with honesty.


What to bring:

Be sure to bring 2-5 inspiration pictures, color ideas, or anything else that will help us bring your vision to life!

We recommend when bringing inspo photos, that they be realistic. Meaning, try to find someone that has similar bone structure, eye color, eye shape, hair color, etc. as you. We would love if you provided a photo of your bridal gown along as well!

Please also bring along your bridal jewelry as well, if you would like.


For Hair Trials:

Please plan to bring your Veil, Hair accessories/flowers, Clip in hair extensions (if you will be wearing any on the Wedding day).

What to where:

On the day of your preview, it may be helpful if you wore a top, dress etc., in a similar color to your wedding gown. White, Ivory, Champagne, Nude etc. Also with a similar neck line and straps, sleeves etc. to your gown as well. 


An additional deposit/payment of $100-$200 paid by CASH, CHECK, VENMO or PAYPAL,

will be due at your Bridal Preview.


Each Trial usually consists of about 60- 90 minutes PER Hair & Makeup Preview.

If you are receiving both a Hair & Makeup trial, plan to spend 2.5-3 hrs total with us!

Previews days are designed to be joyful & relaxing- it's all about you!

Come sip on some champagne! 

Confirmation + Location details:

We will send you a Confirmation email the week of your previews(s),

to let you know exactly what to expect, how to find us & what to bring along with you!

We look forward to creating & celebrating with you!

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